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As technology continues to advance, managing and analyzing massive data sets just can’t be accomplished by humans alone. It requires huge amounts of memory and storage, as well as the high-speed processing power of the cloud. That’s where machine learning comes in.

Machine learning enables cybersecurity vendors to determine patterns, create predictions, and detect behaviors that may indicate malware or other attacks. And doing so in real time can help prevent breaches from occurring successfully in the first place.

Download your free copy of our white paper, Automating Threat Defense: Using Machine Learning to Prevent Modern Cyberattacks, to see the difference machine learning could make for your clients. 

Webroot Inc. respects your Privacy
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Machine Learning Means Smarter Cybersecurity™ Solutions.

This white paper will cover:
  • What machine learning is
  • How machine learning works
  • The benefits of using solutions with machine learning