Despite its humble beginnings, phishing has come a long way since those first crudely constructed emails. While it remains one of the most challenging threats to identify, today’s attackers have changed course.
The latest tactics use pinpoint precision to target specific companies and individuals, going for quality over quantity. Phishing sites can now appear and disappear in the length of a coffee break, and it takes more than a little know-how to keep your clients secure. 
Learn more about the dangers of phishing and which companies are the most desirable catch. 

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See the findings

  • 84% of phishing sites last <24 hours
  • The most-impersonated brands
  • 400,000 new phishing sites are detected each month
  • And more...
Research showed: 
Webroot Threat Trends for MSPs to Watch | Webroot Smarter Cybersecurity
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Webroot Phishing Threat Trends


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